TA Scheduler

  • Location: Asia: Singapore

  • City / Town: Singapore

  • Type: Contract

  • Posted: 1 Mar 2017

  • Job Reference: 56415

  • Consultant: Izwan Sajale

  • Consultant contact: +6 03 2381 2200

Roles & Responsibilities :

  • Implement DS-M TA scheduling premise document for scheduling system/tool.
  • Custodian of TA Event Milestone Schedule (MMS), capturing key calendar dates/milestones covering every phase of DS-M TA process.
  • Custodian of TA Event Execution Schedule (MES), integrating all work tasks, work packages, support plans, Operation plans and activities for Bukom TA events.
  • Ensure that MMS captures all phases of TA are updated timely and accurately for review at every formal strategy, steering & planning meetings.
  • Ensure that all MMS sub-milestone schedules utilized by TA teams, Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Projects, Construction, Contractors, Specialist, services providers deployed and pre/post-TA preparation works are synchronized at all times.
  • Ensure accuracy and high quality of MES through sound network of activity logic/dependencies, resource loading, simultaneous operation (SimOps) constrains and congestions due to other works.
  • Provide assurance for Capital Projects that are to be executed during TA are properly constructed and integrated into the TA Master Schedule.
  • Ensure review and buy-in of the integrated TA Master Schedule with key stakeholders and contractors.
  • Ensure schedule backups are made at reasonable intervals for network insurance & traceability purposes.


Educational Qualifications: Diploma in any Engineering Discipline (accredited); Bachelor Degree preferred.  

Professional Experience:

  • Minimum 4 years of relevant work experience, mainly technical support in Refinery or Petrochemical Plant. Preferably with some years in Engineering, Projects, Maintenance, Turnaround, or Operation experience.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience and Mastery (minimum Skill) level in scheduling using Primavera.
  • Hands-on experience through craft ranks/operations preferred. 
  • Proven experience coordinating with many TA Planning personnel – TA Managers, Planners, Schedulers, TOC, Contractors & Service Providers preferred.


  • Understand that TA schedule must contain sufficient information, but must be simple and dynamic enough to change with the changing conditions during execution – Skill.
  • Understand TA and basic Construction Management practices; with the ability to utilize the tools that support these processes – Skill.
  • Strong engineering fundamentals & understanding of refining/chemical production processes – Skill.
  • Fluency in English and ability to facilitate discussions/conduct management presentations/meetings at different levels (internal/external stakeholders) – Skill.


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